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What's a great elementary school in Atlanta? What makes it great?


EllasDad August 14, 2008

What's a great elementary school in Atlanta? What makes it great?

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Ischgebibbbel September 5, 2008

Morningside Elementary. It is rated a 9 here and my children go there. Well one moved on to middle school which is awesome too. Morningside is great because it encourages parents to be involved, their test scores are always above standard and the neighbor hood it is in is the best in all of Atlanta. Morningside/Virginia Highlands.
Hope this helps


ncusip January 8, 2009

Organization, commitment, constant improvement, teacher-student ratio, open door policy, etc.
Jackson Elementary has been a blessing for us. AMAZING and very committed teachers. Overall, great great great experience, specially K and 1st grade.


shenitha January 28, 2009

John Hope Elementary is a great school we made AYP 6 years straight we have great staffs and a principal that work to teach our kids to be smart and proud. We are a uniform school. Our students are learning to become successful adults for the real world. Our volunteers are great. Please come join us in your uniform white top and blue bottom and be smart and proud. We are working to be the best we can be.


everythingmom March 9, 2009

Morris Brandon, Warren T Jackson, Sarah Smith are all good Buckhead area public schools. They are IB (International Baccalaureate) Schools so they offer foreign language starting in Kindergarten and they teach children how to be inquirers and lifelong learners. They have great teachers, low turnover rates, great test scores, and high parent participation.

Alpharetta also has good public schools.

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