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Bethlehem, GA
Students enrolled: 443

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Po Box 187
Bethlehem, GA 30620

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February 01, 2015
Here's a review from a parent who does not belong to the "majority" group. As long as you are part of the parent community, I am pretty sure your experiences will be wonderful, but beware if you look different or don't believe what they believe in. If you don't attend their church or social groups you are just another tuition payee. These parents will not let you become part of their group - they will systematically hound you out. It is a horribly cliquish environment. I would go to the extent of saying that they will even keep your child away from the key school resources. The school is as good as the teacher you get and most of the time the teacher you get does not have a degree in education or certification. You constantly hear about how they are under paid. Well that makes you wonder how good they are if they can't get jobs at other schools. We had a fantastic teacher the first year, but the next year it was a disaster where the teacher basically was only there for the pay check.

- submitted by a parent
November 23, 2014
I'm thankful for all the amazing teachers and staff members that pour into us each day. They are full of love and show us what it's like to live like Christ. I'm also thankful for each student at bca. I love being able to have friends that are so close to me just like a family. I just so thankful for Bcas enviorment and I'm so happy God lets me be apart of such and amazing place

- submitted by a student
July 22, 2014
Take it from someone who's experienced both public and private schools. This is a great school. Teachers, students, parents are all awesome. What makes BCA great is that everyone there is part of one big family and by the way anybody is welcome. Just like every family, we have our ups and downs and sometimes we mess up or fail. But in the end we pick each other up and our reaction overcomes our failures. BCA is honestly a very well rounded school. I have grown more at that place academically, physically, spiritually and socially than anywhere else. The teachers care about every single student and offer extra help with classes before/after school or during lunch. Coaches are determined to make players compete and get better every day. And the emphasis is always on pursuing God in everything. I would recommend this school to anybody. Come to BCA and experience the environment. There's no place like it.

- submitted by a community member
June 15, 2014
I am a parent who has had my children at BCA for 9 years. My oldest just graduated and had very high SAT and ACT scores, and earned much of upcoming college fees in scholarships. The academics at this school are outstanding, and are clearly preparing these students for success in college and in life. More than that, though, this is a school that values the individuality of each student, and whose highest value is to build the character of the child. This philosophy, as well as a commitment to excellence, is evident in every area of the school: excellent faculty, strong athletics, character-building curricula, mentoring of the students, and the commitment to the family. There are not many places in education where you find such a rich combination; it is a rare opportunity to have my children educated, mentored, nurtured, and called to the highest "them" they can be. Recommended after many years, with highest commendations.

- submitted by a parent
May 22, 2014
I attended BCA for 4 years and then went to public school. Since I was a A and B student at BCA I though it would be easy at public school. After my first semester I was so lost and behind. I worked harder than I ever had to at BCA in order just to keep up. I was used to little if any homework and easy test. It is now clear to me that BCA was just giving out grades in order to get good grades. I talked with two of my old BCA friends who are now in other schools and they are having the same problem.

- submitted by a community member
May 19, 2014
Not great. Poor Academics, and not much support for academic endeavors outside of the classroom. Almost all good teachers leave as well. Don't go here.

- submitted by a student
April 24, 2014
As a BCA parent, I have had the privilege of working as a volunteer at BCA for over 10 years. As a result, I have gotten to know many of the students and I ve heard their stories. I could not be more proud of this year s graduating class. This is only the second class to graduate and many of these kids have attended BCA since elementary school. What makes this class so special is that they are the very first class to go all the way from preschool to 12th grade. Many of them were in the very first K4 class. To my knowledge, nearly all graduates have been accepted to top rated schools like UGA, Georgia Tech, Valdosta State, Georgia Southern and The Medical College of Georgia. Many were even accepted for early enrollment. I have also seen some of these students leave the school for what they thought were greener pastures only to return. Why? Because they know that there is something special about BCA academically, socially, physically and most importantly spiritually. I am proud to say that I am a BCA parent!

- submitted by a parent
March 24, 2014
After reading some of the posts here, I am confused. My child has been at BCA for many years, and my entire family only has positive things to say about BCA. I asked some of my friends who have left BCA, due to financial or geographical reasons, and it seems their children are at the top of their class, several have even been accepted into accelerated learning programs because of their high tests scores. They also told me to stay at BCA as long as we can, and that they would return in a heartbeat if they could. I, for one, congratulate BCA on continually updating their curriculum to match the needs of my child and her classmates. Some people call these "changes" strange or questionable. I call them advancing and strengthening my child's education. If you are looking for a place who will help your child reach their potential, BCA is the place. Whether you want high academics, a great sports program, or a place where Christ is the center of everything, BCA is THAT place. We will continue to keep our daughter here until she graduates. And we are positive this is the best decision we will ever make.

- submitted by a parent
March 20, 2014
Enough has been said in previous post by real parents. I removed my child from this school and would never return or encourage anyone to attend this school.

- submitted by a parent
March 10, 2014
We thought we were entering a new phase in our life by putting our children in a private school. We wanted a school the excelled in academics and sports. We looked at many schools in our surrounding are and choose BCA. Only after the first 4 months we started getting the impression that we made the wrong decision. Just in the first half of the year the promises just kept falling thru with many excesses. We will finish this year but will not be back. I would not recommend this school to anyone. It is not worth the lower tuition or location.

- submitted by a parent
January 29, 2014
Amazing things academically happening at BCA. Just in the last month, BCA's senior candidate for the Page STAR program took top SAT score in Barrow County (including public and private schools). As well, BCA won the GISA State Championship in Public Forum Debate for A-AAA schools. BCA continues to exercise the freedom to find the best curricula available for its students, which is why I chose the school: The administration is committed to providing the highest calibre education, including a hands-on approach that makes strong and smart thinkers and teaches children to fall in love with the learning process at the same time. As a professional educator myself (I don't teach now), I continue to be amazed at the academic excellence that is the top priority at BCA. My children are thriving, and their test scores reflect it. Academic excellence. A heart for God. Love for my children. I couldn't be more thrilled as a parent, and my children couldn't be happier.

- submitted by a parent
January 29, 2014
When my daughter left this school and transferred to a classical school she was way behind in academics. She was in 7th grade at the time. Also, very low opinion of the administrative staff who are passive-aggressive in their dealings with us since we left the school. I am disappointed in the way a Christian school would treat others simply for transferring to another school. My daughter's test scores were much lower than what they should have been when given an entrance exam to attend the classical school. I also noticed that other parents whose children were struggling learners were very happy with BCA, possible due to the low expectations. Stay away from this school; the sales pitch is awesome and the property looks awesome, but the reality does not match. Another concern is the fact that this school allows those who have been suspended from their previous school or otherwise have done poorly at another school to attend BCA so that they will be "loved on". This is a noble idea if when those students begin BCA they are monitored carefully. BCA does not seem to do this, instead bullying behaviors and overall little control of discipline is evident.

- submitted by a parent
September 16, 2013
This is my first year at BCA, we transferred from another small private school that closed. During our tour and conservations with different administration at BCA we were very impressed with what they had to say. Great sales pitch but the problem that I have found is most of what I was told was not correct information. It seems like my questions were answered with what they thought I wanted to hear. I have also been amazed at the number of teachers I have talked to that have little to no respect for administration. Telling me to always double check what they say because most of the time they do not follow thru with anything. Last but not least, the total confusion and lack of organization is just beyond me. It is like the entire school is being managed as a small preschool not a reputable private school.

- submitted by a parent
August 28, 2013
I moved my kids into that school when my son was in 10th grade and my daughter was in 7th. My son has now graduated from this school and my daughter is in 10th grade. When we first came there my son did not want to move schools but we felt like this was the best thing for our children. The staff of BCA embraced him and loved on him and was very patient with him as he got used to this new school for him. My daughter new she was a the right place as soon as she stepped foot on that campus. She has loved it ever since. Both of my children have had opportunities in this school that they would not have had at other schools. If you have any questions I will personally talk to you about how awesome this school is. They love the Lord and they love those children and are willing to go ABOVE and BEYOND to meet the kids goals and expectations. I HIGHLY recommend this school.

- submitted by a parent
August 09, 2013
My family has been a part of BCA for the past 7 years. I am a parent who is truly blessed to be a part of this school. In any situation in life you have the good and the bad. When you are growing in any part of life, you have growing pains. I have the greatest respect for the way the school has grown and the steps it takes each year to become a better school. I feel that the education that my children are getting will continue to carry them through college and life as needed. I have experienced the school from kindergarten thru the 12 grade and I truly feel that this school is growing into a wonderful place. Each year it is amazing to see and hear about the learning the staff has gone through to continue to keep up with requirements the state gives. The headmaster has put so much work into the growth of our school and works very hard to make our school a great place. I truly recommend BCA a place for kids to learn and become a part of a family that will make a difference of a lifetime. I know it has for my family.

- submitted by a parent
July 22, 2013
Love BCA!! It is truly like an extended family! Teachers are awesome and care about the students. BCA is growing which is allowing for more club and sports opportunities. I thank God for bringing us here.

- submitted by a parent
May 21, 2013
There are many inconsistencies from year to year. With a major lack of teacher / staff accountability the teachers do whatever they want. We decided to take our straight A student out of the school for financial reasons and put him in public school. The public school is now talking about holding my son back one year to catch up. I have not enrolled in summer school. I always wondered why my son was a B - C student in public school and when he went to BCA thinking he was going to get a better education he became an A student with little to no homework. It seems that he did not get an education at BCA and now we have to pay for summer school to catch up to public school standards.

- submitted by a parent
May 20, 2013
BCA has been a God-send for our family. My four children have absolutely thrived in this Christian environment. The academic program is far ahead of the public school where my children previously attended. My kids are not only academically thriving, but the faculty truly cares for them as a whole person. They are genuine Christians who pour spiritual truth into my kids every day. I know from comparing BCA to the previous school that the peer group is so much better for them, as well. I can not say enough great things about BCA. I am thankful for a school where my children get great academics, but also people who care about their hearts!!!

- submitted by a parent
May 20, 2013
I can not imagine my two children attending any other school. They truly feel like BCA is their home. They are loved, challenged, and nurtured by the wonderful teachers there in fact, every staff-member our family has ever dealt with has been professional, kind, and obviously called to teach, care for, and minister to kids and their families. We have attended BCA for six years and all my kids, although very different learners, have found success. I thank God daily for our school-BCA!!

- submitted by a parent
May 20, 2013
My son is graduating this year and I can not say enough about the BCA teachers, administration, and families. They have really helped my son grow and mature. They care about all the students more than any other school we have been to. He has also learned more in the past two years than he did in many other years combined. I know they are growing. I am proud we made the choice to come to Bethlehem. It has been amazing.

- submitted by a parent
May 17, 2013
Most fabulous school EVER! Teachers are genuinely concerned about our children. They are the most loving, caring, genuine and Christ-like people in the world!! My child is thriving in every way: spiritually, emotionally, academically and socially! They truly care about the students and want each and every one of them succeed. They will go to any length to see our children succeed!

- submitted by a parent
March 07, 2013
Always remember you get what you pay for. We attended BCA because of the low tuition. After leaving for financial reasons we learned how behind my child was. Always wondered how my child was an B and C student in public school but at BCA was all A's. Is was not because of the great teaching just the opposite. I now have my child in another school where he is having to attend additional classes and tutoring in order to catch up with the grade level.

- submitted by a parent
May 05, 2012
My children have been attending BCA for over 5 years and we ALL still grow excited every year about attending such a wonderful school! There is a true since of community at BCA and something for every child (sports, drama, music, band)! It is not like other local private schools...BCA HAS A BIG HEART and truly cares for the students and their success as a whole!

- submitted by a parent
September 12, 2011
They have the best teachers and staff! They love our kids like their own!!! I'm so thankful for a school that works on the whole child.

- submitted by a parent
May 29, 2011
We just completed our 2nd year at BCA and couldn't be happier! Our son struggled at the beginning of the year academically but the teachers caught it quickly and got him the extra help he needed and brought him up to the level he needed to be at. I honestly believe that he would have slipped through the cracks any where else. We are so lucky to be a part of BCA and I take so much comfort knowing I am dropping my child off at a place where he is truly LOVED!

- submitted by a parent
April 07, 2011
We have loved BCA , We are thrilled with the academics there as well as the being in a loving Christian environment. Great School!

- submitted by a parent
March 19, 2011
My son is in 10th grade at BCA and absolutely loves it. Where else will you find teachers who come together each morning to pray for your child...they are living their faith through their words and actions and it is reflected in the words and actions of the students. We travel a distance to attend this school and it is worth every mile. The academics are strong with the program above state standards for curriculum. Although it is a smaller school, it has a healthy list of sports to choose from and clubs. The teachers and administration are wonderful and most have their children attending the school so they are as invested in the success of the school and there is a real sense of community. If you are considering a private school for your child, take a look at their web site and take an open door tour held monthly. Our family is blessed to be at BCA and we know you would be too.

- submitted by a parent
April 30, 2009
My daughter has been there since 2000 when they started with Mother's Morning Out. She is now in 3rd grade, I put her in public school and now she is where her Dad and I feel she needs to be. Teachers are wonderful and the staff is second to none. We love it and recommend it to everyone!

- submitted by a parent
November 07, 2008
My daughter is in 4th grade at BCA and absolutely LOVES the school. This is her second year at BCA and the teachers and staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. The addition of renweb and the forthcoming sports program are great examples of positive progress. The Christian environment is strong, yet not overwhelming like some other Christian schools. My daughter has stayed active in the annual Christmas play as well as cheerleading and the school continues to look for other after-school activities to help the children grow spiritually, socially and physically.

- submitted by a parent
September 25, 2008
I cannot tell you what an amazing school this is. My son attended a private christian school in Dacula for his first two years but we found that school to be far too legalistic and rigid, If you have children and want them to succeed academically and socially, look no further! You have found a school who truly believes in developing the whole child! The future is limitless for my son now!

- submitted by a parent

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