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P.O. Box 1028
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(770) 962-5423
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April 12, 2015
The experience that we had at this school was shocking. The teachers and the administration at this school may call them selves Christians but I never saw any of them act like one. My son was in 8th grade so I am speaking only to those teachers and the middle school administrators. I have never seen adults at a Christian school act this way. The gossip and behavior was horrible. They would gang up on and throw family's under. If you are like them then you will be fine. If you or your child thinks for themselves, has opinions, is not judge mental and does not gossip you will not fit in. If you are a white republican and carry a gun and want your children to be a robot and only speak when spoken to this is the school for you. The dean of students for the middle school Ryan Gibadlo should not be working with children. I met with him and he lied to me in front of several teachers and Bob Gardner. I addressed this several times and he would just change the subject. After the behavior I saw in that meeting I would not let my son be alone with him. The behavior I saw was of a person who has an agenda, an ego and god complex. I do not recommend this school.

- submitted by a parent
February 08, 2015
I am a very good Christian. I have had some medical issues so I have not been able to attend church for a few months.I believe in all the Christian values about God. I talked to the school about allowing my son to attend there school.They stated you need a note from your Pasture.You need a note from a fellow teacher. You need to believe in God was stated over and over and over. What I believe is God loves everyone no matter how much we attend church. What Hebron church believes is you are discriminated against until proven acceptable to be allowed to send your son to there school. My son is a straight A student on the honor roll every year.One of the best kids you could ever know. But since I have not been well because of cancer and have not been able to attend church for awhile. Even though I pray all the time. They will not accept my son because I am ill and not in church at this time. Is that what the Lord would agree to? No.Hebron school is very political and very discriminating. Its sad because I was raised attending Christian schools but they won't allow him to be accepted because I'm unable to attend at this time. I think Hebron pays people to send 5 star reviws.

- submitted by a parent
December 12, 2014
I have a couple of children that attend HCA and now my first is in college now. Let me explain that my first college student now has a full scholarship for the next three years of college and has taken a CLEP test and exempted from second year college English.He also received AP credits in high school at HCA as well as dual college enrollment classes that our son was in, which I credit to the high expectations and very difficult academic schedule at HCA. This is the same child that attended summer school in public elementary school and made "good enough" grades in public school. The school is not perfect but they really work hard to be and really push the kids to reach their full potential. Are the high school years difficult? Yes they are, but when your kid gets that scholarship, or simply does well in college and keeps the Hope scholarship thanks to the rigors of HCA you will be glad for those late nights of homework and you won't feel guilty when you go to bed and your kids are still at the table wrapping up a homework assignment after coming in from a long day after school football practice or soccer or whatever after school activity they might want to be involved in.

- submitted by a parent
September 08, 2013
I had two of my daughters in the school for five years . One of them attended Woodward Academy for several years before she started at Hebron. We relocated to Orono, Minnesota, which is one of the top schools in a state with an excellent public school system, and I can share with you that both my daughters have done excellent . They are both now in top ranked universities, and I credit the years they spent at Hebron with being the solid foundation upon which they developed. Hebron is an excellent school, it provided a well rounded Christian education, a rigorous English program as well as a solid Math curriculum. The scholl provided many great memories and in my opinion has the best teachers in Georgia.

- submitted by a parent
July 28, 2013
I have two children in this school and they have attended for 4 years. We are so pleased with the nurturing environment that teaches leadership and character as well as with the academics. I routinely compare what they are learning with my friends who are in public school and we are always learning the same or are ahead. The biggest factor to consider are the SAT scores. Almost all of the graduates go on to college which shows the direction of the students and class prep.

- submitted by a parent
April 01, 2013
So everyone saying this school's math and science education is awful is dead wrong. On top of this, the parent saying this school does not prepare you for college could not be more far off. Going through this school's education I have received multiple $20,000 + scholarships, as well as the extra help for my SAT's and ACT's. If your student wants it, they can get it at HCA. If your student is not excelling and is not up to where they need to be, they are either being poorly handled in the household or are not applying themselves in the classroom. As a student, I did not put in any effort until junior/senior year and was more than prepared for the world outside of Hebron. I am quite upset by these reviews, as they are far from the truth. There are natural leaders everywhere you look and I feel some parents are just butthurt. This school is noted for the most obnoxious, sheltered parents out there. Keep that in mind while reading these reviews, Hebron parents keep a bad reputation. It is not the faculty or the other students, but a parenting issue if any.

- submitted by a community member
January 02, 2013
I had to hire a tutor just to get my kids caught up in public school. The test that they report aren't realistic to real public school numbers. Being a Christian school I believe it's an integrity issue that they are not truthful. My daughter went there from k to 9 th grade and our son k to 6th. Both are severely behind in math and science.

- submitted by a parent
August 16, 2012
HCA is very behind when you look at Gwinnett Public schools. I was very dissapointed and my child now loves his public school. Visit the public schools and ask questions. I did and I'm glad!

- submitted by a parent
February 10, 2012
This is my son's second year at HCA, and I have to say that I love the school. The school has helped him advance so much. You do not even realize how much your child is learning until you put them next to a child in public school that is in the same grade, and then you get blown away. My biggest concern is the massive amount of homework. My son who is in elem school has more homework every night than my daughter who is in a public high school.

- submitted by a parent
July 18, 2010
My daughter just finished her first year at HCA. She had previously attended public school from K through 9th grade and had been completely happy until H.S. We moved her to HCA her 10th grade year and she was very happy there. The students and teachers were very accepting. She was in gifted classes in public school and although HCA does not offer gifted, she feels the honors courses are just as challenging. We feel very relieved that we once again see the smile on her face when she comes home from school. If you have never attended or sent a student to public H.S., you cannot realize how much better the atmosphere is at HCA. We have been very pleased.

- submitted by a parent
July 14, 2010
As a private school advocate I greatly appreciate what HCA is doing for my child. She is learning in a positive, loving and safe environment. Unlike many schools where decisions are made by out of touch "management/staff", HCA actually meets with parents and students to create a better and more positive learning environment. The leadership at HCA is far above any I have seen at other schools. We have yet to witness preferrential treatment of students. We are not members of Hebron Baptist Church and as expected we are treated the same as all the other families attending HCA. We look forward to our remaining years at Hebron as they are strong in academics, sports, clubs and teaching the true words of the Bible.

- submitted by a parent
July 13, 2010
My wife and I just finished our first year as HCA parents and I will focus my comments on our experience at the Elementary campus. HCA has exceeded our expecations in so many areas. HCA creates an environement that is strong in academics, self-discipline, and (most importantly) the Christain faith. If you see a child wearing HCA clothing (uniform or spiritwear) out in public, you will see a difference compared to other children there age. The staff is very open when communicating to parents and keeping them informed of what is going on. There are many jewels at HCA and the music teacher is the crown jewel. My wife and I plan on sending all three of our daughters thru HCA as they reach grade K.

- submitted by a parent
April 22, 2010
I go to Hebron, I like my friends but I do not like that we do not have any good clubs, sports etc. We have to do virtual sciene labs and I would rather do real ones.

- submitted by a student
April 21, 2010
My child went to Hebron for two years and we are very disappointed in the school and staff. We stayed after the first year because we were told things would change but it didnt. I liked the atmosphere but the teaching is very weak and for the money it's not worth it! Sorry HCA-- hire stronger teachers and staff@ :(

- submitted by a parent
April 03, 2010
My husband and I pulled our children out of Hebron after we realized how far behind they were in math and science. Hebron is a 'nice school' if you want to stay with small school but if your child good in sports or wants to go to a college that is not a christian school- then its no where close to being acceptable. The education they recieved is nothing more than a home school ciriculam. (Abecca) The teachers do not have advance degrees and have mostly only taught in christian school which results into tunnel vision lectures with no depth. Example would be my child was graded on a daily quite time journal.(prayer time with God) really? a grade on quite time? Needless to say she aced the class? I would only recomend this school for K thur 1st. Thanks and good luck!

- submitted by a parent
March 27, 2010
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
February 27, 2010
I love HCA! it is a great school that teaches the love of God and many other acedimics. those of you who are dissing my school, I'm sorry you feel that way. HCA is amazing! I've loved all my teachers I've ever had there!! GO LIONS!

- submitted by a student
no rating December 17, 2009
My four children attended Hebron for four years and I would not recommend this school. My children like the writer before stated were not being taught diversity or ingenuity. We had two children in elementary,one in middle and a high schooler. Each of the schools lacked leadership and teachers that cared about all students. The kids that attend Hebron Baptist Church are giving special treatment over the students that do not. I volunteered at the school (s) and I witnessed how teachers kids and Hebron Baptist kids would be exempted from discipline. very political Hebron is EXTREMELY misleading on there test scores. This is a feel good school, it's all fluff with nothing to show for it. They could sell you the shirt off your back. If I had a do-over, I would have kept looking for a school that would have a made an academic difference in my childrens lives.

- submitted by a parent
no rating November 01, 2009
It is a wonderful place where my children learn not only the love of God, but are challenged academically as well.

- submitted by a parent
September 10, 2009
Both of my children attended Hebron for 9 years. We decided to move them based soley on Hebron's lack diveristy in staffing and students. My children made all A's and B's at Hebron and we were told by countless teachers and administrators that Hebron's student's are 'so advanced' in their studies. This is not true. My children are now attending public school and they are behind in Math and Science. This is after we paid 10,000 a year for nine years. Your children will do better in a larger school with more choices. Having a balanced home is the key. It's not running scared from the public school system. If we had known this 9 years ago we would have 90,000 plus dollars in the bank. Prepare your children for college by exposing them more to the world. Take my advise, start early and teach your children diversity.

- submitted by a parent
no rating August 25, 2009
My husband and I enrolled our three children at Hebron in the fall of 2008, and my only regret is that we did not do it sooner! . My children have thrived in the relationships with their teachers and coaches and truly feel cared for. The teahers they have had so far have been qualified educators with high expectations, with an interest in my children, personally. My favorite thing about Hebron is the emphasis that is placed on relationships within the school. This was important to our family. I have also been inpressed with the Administration. The leaders just seem to have a clear understanding of the unique challenges that young people face in today's world. It has been refreshing to our family to find a school that fits with the balance that we were looking for.

- submitted by a parent
November 20, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
no rating November 15, 2008
I love Hebron I've been there for four years and I love it.The teachers are nice the students are amazing and its easy to make friends.

- submitted by a student
August 05, 2008
After attending Gwinnett County public schools (elementary and middle), as a parent, I'm thrilled my child goes here. There may not be as many class options as a public school, but as the school grows, they will add classes. Our public school cluster is rife with gangs, drugs, violence, pregnancies, etc. I've been very happy with Hebron and my son has made some great friends there. With the discipline in the classrooms and emphasis on school work, he is now more prepared for college.

- submitted by a parent
no rating March 03, 2008
If it is worth it to you to see your child excel in a disciplined environment, Hebron is great! Our teachers so far have been great. They have chapel and pray with the students which we like. Unlike in public school, slackers and bullys are not allowed. There is a strict no tolerance policy. There is an entrance exam that ensures all students are up to par.And if drug usage is known, the parents are made aware of it, and the child is expelled, unlike public school. I highly recommend Hebron Academy.

- submitted by a parent
January 08, 2008
My child has attended Hebron for three years(elementary) and we have not been overly pleased. The ABEKA program is good, but the school lacks diveristy in staffing and students, lacks good leadership, many of the teachers do NOT seem to have the personal relationship with Christ that the school claims that their teachers should be. The school does handle discipline issues well, the class size is good, and the price is affordable which is why my family and other families remain there.

- submitted by a parent
November 07, 2007
I have two children at Hebron Christian Academy. Overall,I am happy with the Abeka program. The only area of improvement would be to expand their teaching in American History/Social studies. More diversity is needed in these subjects. I have not had any issues with my children and would recommend the school to others. HCA is absolutely better than the public schools in the area.

- submitted by a parent
September 15, 2007
They teach the kids much more than they would ever hope to learn at a public school and the teachers are amazing.

- submitted by a parent
May 03, 2007
We have 2 at HCA and have been there for the last two years. We sacrifice in other areas so that we can afford the tuition, so obviously we would not continue there if we were not happy There will always be room for improvement as no school is perfect (even if given a 10 on the school report!). We have experienced some teachers there that are outstanding and love their job, and also some who are burned out and very rigid in their demands on their students. That is found in public school as well. However, the curriculum is more advanced than the public school and our kids came from focus classes and still think HCA is more challenging. We would like to see more critical thinking skills taught (as taught in the public school's math focus classes). Overall, it's a great school and I would recommend it.

- submitted by a parent
April 13, 2007
Hebron Christian Academy has been a wonderful experience for our son. The environment is structured which keeps discipline problems to a minimum. The students at the school are all very nice and treat each other as well as teachers with respect. I am very pleased with the quality of education my son is receiving. I feel confident that he is being prepared for college. The campus is not elaborate as some other private schools - it is a more down to earth environment. I especially appreciate HCA not committing to new construction until they have the money to pay for it. This helps keeps the costs reasonable. In my opinion, the big plus to HCA is the students want to be there and want to learn. There are not the distractions at this school that there are at public schools. The teachers do not have to spend valuable classtime disciplining students.

- submitted by a parent
April 12, 2007
I strongly disagree with the previous two reviews. My children have been at HCA for the past five years so we have experienced the elementary, middle and high school programs. The level of academics my children are receiving is outstanding and far outweighs what they would be receiving in the public schools. When my child graduates from HCA they will have already received college credit for their first year of college. The teachers are loving, Godly examples. As far as the kids being silent, I spend a good bit of time at the school and have never experienced the 'no talking' in a negative manner. You will see children walking in straight lines, no talking, respecting one another and their elders but why would you NOT want this for your child? I am proud to have my children at HCA and thankfully write that tuition check each semester.

- submitted by a parent
February 15, 2007
I would not recommend sending a child to this school. We have been at this school for two years and have finally decided to pull our children out. The school is overly ridgid and really is no better than any public school in the area. The children are only allowed to freely express themselves during recess and are not permitted to speak even during lunch. There are many nice parents at the school and the value system is there but beyond that I would suggest you save your money.

- submitted by a parent
February 10, 2007
Hebron is a good school if you are looking for an alternative to public school with regards to peer group and a Christian environment. The facilities are somewhat lacking and they offer no gifted programs or programs for children who need extra help in any subject. The school is very rigid and expects children even as young as five and six year old to site quitetly even during there lunch proram. The school definitely lacks leadership but does have a few exceptional teachers. If you are looking for a way to escape public school but are not too concerned with academics then this is an affordable means to do so. If you are looking for a better academic program, then I would suggest you look elsewhere until they can build their program.

- submitted by a parent

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