Questions and concerns

How should I handle a problem with the teacher?

My daughter bites her fingers

My fifth-grader reverses numbers when he writes

My fifth-grader lies about his homework

My son is smart, slow, and stubborn

My fifth-grader rushes through his homework

My fifth-grader doesn’t put forth much effort

How can I help my fifth-grader make a smooth transition?

My child can’t focus in math class

My fifth-grader shows no interest

My son has poor sportsmanship

My son is being bullied

How can I help my grandson with math homework?

Help! My fifth-grader is immature

My child is too social

My child is below grade level

Can I ease my child’s performance anxiety?

What can I do to help my son with math?

How can I help my son sit still?

How can I stop my fifth-grader from lying?

How can I get my daughter to be respectful?

My son is not adjusting to school in this country

My child has spelling test anxiety

How can I help my fifth-grader who is unfocused in school?

My fifth-grader is forgetful

How do I build my daughter’s self-esteem?

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