Questions and concerns

How can I help my child concentrate?

Should I let my child quit?

How can I help my child speak up in class?

How can I help a child who throws things?

How do I help a struggling reader?

Help! My child clashes with his teacher

Is my child too social?

How can I help a distracted child?

Help! My child hates reading

How can I help my child make friends?

Should my child move up a grade?

How can I help with reading comprehension?

Help! My child has a tagalong friend

I’m worried about my child’s speech skills

How can I get my child to stop lying?

My child started reversing letters

My child talks out of turn in class

Should I have my child tested for the gifted program?

My son worries that his friends don’t like him

How do I help a child who’s become defiant?

My son does not listen in class

I can’t figure out why my son hates school

My son struggles in class but works well at home

Should my first-grader be held back for reading challenges?

My son wants to be the center of attention

My overachieving child cheated

My daughter is too tired to do homework

How can I ease my child’s test anxiety?

How can I motivate my child?

How do I address death with my first-grader?

Does my son have AD/HD or a behavior issue?

How can I help my first-grader sleep?

Help! My grandson misbehaves at school

My child needs help with friends

My son compares himself to his gifted brother

My daughter struggles to communicate

My first-grader hates school

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