Questions and concerns

How do I help a shy child?

How can I teach my talkative child when to be quiet?

What should I do with a disrespectful child?

How can I help my son stop hitting?

How do I build my child’s confidence?

How can I help my left-handed child?

Help! My child won’t listen

Should I move my child to a new classroom?

How can I help my child with homework?

Help! My child dislikes school

How can I get my child to share?

How can I motivate my child to do work?

My kindergartner already reads. Will she be bored?

How can I stop my daughter’s emotional meltdowns?

My son copies his “cool,” disruptive classmate

My 5-year-old’s behavior is changing

My son cries about going to the lunchroom

How can I get my sons to stop arguing?

What can I do about a child who disrupts class?

Does my easily distracted son have AD/HD?

The girls’ clique snubs my daughter

Is my kindergartner expected to read?

My kindergartner has separation anxiety

How do I help my child focus?

My child doesn’t pay attention

My kindergartner reverses his letters

How can I stop my son’s hitting?

How can I help my son learn the alphabet?

How do I instill confidence in my child?

My kindergartner hates doing homework

How can I teach my stubborn child?

My child’s class is out of control

My kindergartner is distracting other students

My kindergartner doesn’t apply himself

My kindergartner doesn’t play well with others

Help! My child lies

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