Questions and concerns

My child has trouble listening in class

Help! My child is always late to school

How do I help my child with forgetfulness?

My child is easily distracted

Help! My child makes careless mistakes

Help! My child is acting out

How do I help my child relate to others?

Help! My grandson sings in class

How can I help my impatient child?

Help! My child’s friend acts too grown up

I can’t afford a tutor for my special-needs child

Is my child too immature for second grade?

The teacher thinks my child needs medication

My second-grader works too slowly

My child gets frustrated and won’t accept help

How do I help my daughter deal with mean girls?

Why can’t my child do her homework on her own?

My child won’t talk at school

Is it AD/HD? The teacher and doctor disagree

How can the teacher help my child with AD/HD?

My grandson is not working to his potential

Help my child cope with parental separation

How can I help my son focus?

My son blames everyone else

How can I help my son write neater?

How do I teach my child it’s OK to lose?

How can I help my child with reading?

My child thinks her teacher doesn’t like her

Does my child have too many extracurricular activities?

How can I help my second-grader work independently?

My daughter does not share or play well

How can I stop my child from exaggerating?

My child won’t do his work

My second-grader won’t follow directions

My daughter is being excluded

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