Third graders need to build their academic vocabulary so that they can better understand what they read and hear. Academic vocabulary words for third graders are used often and across all subjects, but they can be hard to define. People usually develop an innate knowledge of what words at this level mean. Here is a short list of such words, courtesy of Hyde Park (NY) Central School District. Search for vocabulary list on the district’s web site to see all words for each grade.

additional event region
agreeable examine repair
argue example ridiculous
arrange experience scar
assist fatal scatter
attract flexible shiver
careless furious signal
cause gathered similar
climate gist slumber
coast infer solution
compare intelligent starve
construct invitation stumble
continent irritate tackle
contrast marine tentacle
credit mend typical
culture multiply unite
dangle nervous unusual
defend occur valuable
describe opposite vehicle
details passage volunteer
develop patient diagram
peer disappointed persuade
division pleasant effect
prank elect predict
purpose endangered recognize


Check out our weekly spelling word lists for third graders. The first week begins with words easy to misspell because just one letter is added or moved.

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