Is there a problem at your school that you’re wondering how to fix?

Are you looking for new ways to raise money for your child’s school? Or are you more interested in improving academic achievement than fundraising? Whatever your interest or concern, there is a way to be involved in your child’s school.

These resources from Greatschools will help you explore your volunteer options, get inspired, and start making a difference.

Explore your options: Roles for parents

The Role of the PTA

The Role of the School Site Council

What Makes a Great Parent

Powerful Parents Transform Schools

School Improvement Begins at Home

Take the first step: Tips to get you started

Ten Easy Ways to Help Your Child’s School

Top 10 Tips for Classroom Volunteers

Making a Difference at Your Child’s School

How to Stay Involved in Middle and High School

Bright Ideas From Our Readers: One Hour Volunteer Ideas

Find help: Reliable resources

Online Resources for Parent Involvement

Raising Money for Your School

The Parent Institute for Quality Education

Three Parents Who Made a Difference at Their Schools

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