From Wiis to cell phones to iPods, kids are exposed to gadgets and gear at younger and younger ages. Tap into your child’s curiosity — and show him or her the practical side of technology — with these tips that combine digital skills and real-world learning:

  • Using a digital video camera, your child can interview his grandparents or a senior citizen about a historical event. Then have him create a video with a film-editing program like iMovie and share it with others.
  • Organizing a garage sale? Let your child create flyers with word-processing or draw-and-paint software to post around the neighborhood.
  • Does your child play soccer or collect old postcards? She can create books about her favorite activities and hobbies with digital photos and software such as iPhoto.
  • If your kid wants to set up a lemonade or cookie stand, let him design and create signs for it on the computer. He can also keep track of his sales and expenses using a spreadsheet.
  • Need your recipes organized? Ask your child to create a database for them.
  • The next time you’re planning a family vacation or weekend trip, have your child do online research for kid-friendly places to visit and sites to see.
  • Looking for a fun, educational website that provides homework help, lets your child play games and chat with other kids, and has age-appropriate activities based on books? Check out
  • If your child’s math assignment or science project has you stumped, get the help you need with these recommended resources.
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