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Golden Apple Awards 2010 (ages 3-5)

Designed for the youngest learners, these toys are anything but basic.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Crayola Color Mix-a-roo

Color Mix-a-Roo

Ages 3-5, $19.95

Crayola's hue-mixing game, Color Mix-a-Roo, is designed to be a fun way to teach children about primary and secondary colors — sans the stress (and stains) of finger paints. Players select a card that features a drawing in a particular color shade and a number indicating how many primary colors they'll need to mix to create a matching hue. (Watch a quick demo here.) While its palette is strangely limited, Mix-a-Roo may well turn kids into mix-master DJs of the color wheel — for a while.

Kudos for the kid-friendly design too. As our child tester said rather evocatively: "I really like it because it's beautiful with rainbows."

Bottom line: A great, mess-free introduction to the color wheel.