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Golden Apple Awards 2010 (ages 8-10)

Whether your kid likes DIY perfume kits or division drills, these toys are sure to please.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Perfect Perfume Laboratory

Ages 7-12

This mini-chemistry set by Wild Science offers a glimpse into the science of scents. The Perfect Perfume Laboratory comes with ready-made essential oils that need to be filtered and processed to be made into perfume, but it also explains how kids can use the simple science tools to explore other natural scents from herbs and flower petals. The kit includes such guaranteed-to-please projects as scented slime and crystals.

The kit is mostly a hands-on science lesson in using simple scientific instruments and techniques to play with changing forms of matter, rather than an explicit lesson on scientific principles. But this limitation is easily remedied: The downloadable Teachers Notes: Perfume Laboratory exponentially ups the learning ante by offering a step-by-step process for kids to create new scents, record the results, survey others about the scents, and draw conclusions.

Bottom line: This DIY perfume kit smells like tween learning.

Comments from readers

"Beats flash cards hands down!"
"all business, but kids love it"