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Best STEM toys ages 9+

Young scientists and inventors will love these 2011 Golden Apple Awards winners created for older kids.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Sustainable Earth Lab

Appeals to ages: 8-13

What it teaches: climate science principles, laboratory practices, and earth science fundamentals

Having trouble explaining to your child why the world is getting warm and sea levels are rising? Do you know how CO2 affects the atmosphere? It may be daunting, but our children need to know the fundamentals of climate science so that they can be smart stewards of a rapidly changing planet.

Conversations about the dangers of global warming may not teach kids that much if they don’t understand the science behind the news. National Geographic's Sustainable Earth Lab, a multi-faceted science kit, will go a long way toward making your child more knowledgeable about climate science than your average well-educated adult.

Bottom line: An ingeniously designed kit that prepares your child to be a great citizen of the planet.

Where to buy it: Sustainable Earth Lab