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7 top educational apps for the holidays

Adios, ballistic birds. Our tech expert finds the snazziest new smarts-boosting apps.

By Christina Tynan-Wood

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BrainPOP featured movie

Ages: Elementary through middle school

Tim and Moby — a dude and his robot — are a smart, goofy pair who answer questions about science, language, history, math, art, health, and technology via short, silly cartoons (followed by a fun quiz). (monthly subscriptions start range from free to $6.99 per month) is an educational site that teaches kids how the world works. For the full subscription price you'll get unlimited access to learning cartoons on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, along with access to Brainpop's wealth of fun online academic games and activities. The featured flick is usually tied to the calendar, from a current event or holiday to historical facts or a famous person's birthday.

Bottom line: Terrific kid-friendly educational media delivered daily

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