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7 top educational apps for the holidays

Adios, ballistic birds. Our tech expert finds the snazziest new smarts-boosting apps.

By Christina Tynan-Wood

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Presidents vs. Aliens

Ages: Elementary school and up

Who knew learning basic presidential facts — nicknames, quotes, dates in office, party affiliation, predecessors, successors, historical events — could be such addictive fun? On Presidents vs. Aliens ($0.99 on iTunes, for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad), you answer multiple-choice questions by choosing the correct president's head. Get it right and you get to toss that head at a swarm of space aliens in an attempt to knock them out of the sky. Three right answers in a row earns you another president — and all of his facts. The gameplay is so silly and engaging that it's futile to resist learning facts that'd otherwise be too boring to contemplate.

Bottom line: Addictive fun with dull presidential facts

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