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Great learning gifts for your kindergartner

Educate and entertain with these top 8 toys, games, and books for the holidays.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Tag Reader: Learn to Write and Draw

Ages: 3-7

Give your child a leg-up on writing with this interactive writing and drawing kit, which includes a colorful activity book, worksheets, and interactive stickers. The activity book follows the adventures of Dot and Dash, as they search for a band to play at the Doodleburg Fun Fair. The workbooks and stickers provide additional activities and exercises. (Note: To use this kit, you need LeapFrog's Tag Reader, an interactive stylus that's not included.)

Two caveats: The Tag Reader requires grown-up support, at least in the beginning, to download software and help the child get started. And the kit includes a disappointing number of stories.

Bottom line: An engaging introduction to writing and drawing for little ones.