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Is your child hoping for techno trinkets and toys this holiday season? This list of kid-friendly technology provides good, smart fun for tykes to teens.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Was Bill Gates...

... this smitten with screens when he was a wee lad? There's no way around it: the thrill of the latest video game, the beauty of a well-designed app, the complexities of a powerful computer make your child's heart skip a beat. If you are harboring a techno-tyke in your home, why not support his talent for tech with quality fare  (while always making plenty of time for good old-fashioned play, of course). Here is a collection of some of the smartest high-tech toys and tools that will not only make your child giddy with happiness, but teach him a thing or two about science, math, English, art, and more.

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