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We will move to HI this summer, my daughter will go into 6th. What are best schools for transplants?


kelmac September 21, 2009

Do they really have "Kill Haole Day"?

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planejane October 4, 2009

You would have to be more specific about where you will be moving. I have now lived four years on this island, am European and have yet to meet one unfriendly local person. You will run into a grumpy military person every now and then, I guess they do not all chose to come here and have to put up with it.
No, I have never heard of the "Kill Haole Day", that must have been one of the grumpy people who told you this fairy tale. Treat people the way you like to be treated and you will never want to leave here for you have so many friends in no time at all.


kelmac October 8, 2009

PlaneJane, Thank you so much for the response. We will most likely be in Honolulu area (work) or Mililani to North Shore. We have "vacationed" there many times, and too, have not yet encountered an unpleasant person, one of the reasons we are coming. I was told by many that live there, that over near Makaha area(we have an aunt who has been there for 30 yrs)My daughter would never make it. None of them live "in town" or north shore so they were not sure about acceptance of mainlanders in those schools.


planejane October 9, 2009

kelmac, I am glad that you are not discouraged, although it seems that your relatives maybe are less optimistic than I am.
I can only speak of my own experiences. We do get around on Oahu, and my experiences are not gathered in school houses, but I would not believe that your daughter will have any problems. I have two in two different schools, and both schools are mixed with military and a lot of kids on GE, but my children have a lot of friends and never had any negative experiences.
I wish you the best.


kelmac October 9, 2009

Thanks so much for taking the time. You've been a great help. Aloha!

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