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why are parent reviews deleted or not displayed


rodneye October 5, 2009

I wrote a critical review of Kaimuki High School after they traumatized my daughter and there were others existing on your website when I wrote it. Now, I check parent reviews and only one exists. Who deleted them and why. Is this a school run form or an independent forum?

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tjlove October 5, 2009

GreatSchools is an independent, non-profit organization. If a parent review is rejected it is because it has failed to meet our guidelines. You can read our guidelines for parent reviews here:


rodneye October 5, 2009

Do your guidelines favor schools who try to cover up their dirty deeds?


tjlove October 6, 2009

Of course not! We post both positive and negative reviews. If a review was rejected or removed it failed to meet our guidelines. If your review was rejected, there should have been a reason why included in the notification email.

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