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Emotional Well-Being

How stress affects your child's brain

New research suggests that children are affected by stress in surprising ways.

Health & Development

Is your child getting enough sleep?

What research reveals about sleep deprivation and its consequences for academic achievement.

Emotional Well-Being

Inside the tweener's brain

See what insights neuroscience can offer parents about the mind of a middle schooler.

Health & Nutrition

Too young to have a weight problem?

Cindy began gaining weight when she was only 3 years old. Here's how her mom handled it.

Health & Nutrition

10 healthy-weight strategies that work

Proactive tips to help an overweight child — or prevent a weight problem in the first place.

Health & Nutrition

Winning over a picky eater

Strategies and solutions to end the nightly food fight at mealtime.

Health & Nutrition

School lunch revolution

7 simple steps to give your school's cafeteria a healthy makeover.

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