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Health & Nutrition

Gather 'round the table

4 easy ways to make nightly meals with the kids happen — no stress, no arguing, no kidding.

Emotional Well-Being

Time to let the kids out!

Learn the high cost of nature deficit disorder — and how easily you can avoid it by getting your kids outdoors.

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Too young to have a weight problem?

Cindy began gaining weight when she was only 3 years old. Here's how her mom handled it.

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10 healthy-weight strategies that work

Proactive tips to help an overweight child — or prevent a weight problem in the first place.

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Winning over a picky eater

Strategies and solutions to end the nightly food fight at mealtime

Health & Nutrition

The link between obesity and poverty

Obesity isn't a choice, says this expert. See what parents need to know about this epidemic's complex causes.

Health & Nutrition

School lunch revolution

7 simple steps to give your school's cafeteria a healthy makeover

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