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user5819901 March 18, 2015

how do I transfer to another school district during the second semester. what are the steps to go to another school. I am at Busd and want to transfer... More » 


user5777889 January 11, 2015

We plan on moving to Texas. We are looking into a city that offers a divers school and community. Daughter will be going to High School... More » 


user5705996 September 24, 2014

I need a school for two boys ages 11 and 14 years in the in windemeare city of Orlando.


user5704604 September 22, 2014

Really nervous about relocating & finding the best school for my son which is in the 10th grade not sure of the area in which we will be living... More » 


ekekek14 September 19, 2014

I am moving to Eugene next summer and I would like some unbiased advice on the high schools there.


user5579528 August 22, 2014

My daughter is joining grade 11 at Iroquois Highschool, Erie Pa. She has J-1 visa as int'l student exchange. She must attend Grade 12 at another... More » 


user5662224 August 18, 2014

My high school son has progressed seemingly much faster than the school system is able to keep up with, and is now bored in nearly all of his classes,... More » 


user5658855 August 14, 2014

We recently moved and my 15 yr old daughter had to switch schools and it's been extremely hard on her. She does have anxiety problems and they've... More » 

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MagnetMom August 16, 2014

Every school district is different, so you have nothing to lose by asking. Be aware, that some districts allow such transfers... More »


user5630065 July 26, 2014

Planning to relocate to Charlotte, NC are there any high schools that offer cosmetology and/or culinary programs?


unicornmom July 19, 2014

Would love any information on school districts, private schools etc... Anything you think would be of interest. Son is going into high school and...

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