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are there hispanics at glendale high school??


cheikosman January 10, 2009

i would like to know if there is diversity at glendale high school..are there latinos? african american? brazilians?...i want my child to go to a school with diversity-is glendale high school good?

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tjlove January 12, 2009

Hi Cheikosman,
You posted your question on a national forum. We do have a way to list your question locally, but you need to check the "local" box and then select the city and state before you submit your question.
What you can do is use GreatSchools to look up the student demographics of the school your interested in. Click on the "Research and Compare" button in the green toolbar above. Once you're on the page for your school, scroll down and click on "student stats."

Hope this helps!

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