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pudding January 16, 2009

We are moving from Orlando, Fl to Houston, TX my kids are in 8th and 9th grade , they are in the process for the FCAT test. Can someone tell me , if we move before the test on Houston, Tx (TAKS) is good idea? or is beter if they take the FCAT test here in Orlando? We are worry about it , maybe the test is different on Houston. I need your advice. Thank you.

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healthy11 January 16, 2009

I hate to say it, but I doubt there will be anyone who can answer your question with certainty, because it's unlikely many other families have moved from FL to TX with kids of similar age, who have taken both tests and can compare them for you.
The thing to realize is state tests do vary, but there's a national test, NAEP, that can give you a "relative comparison" and perhaps that will help you to make a decision:
(From what I could interpret, Texas' reading test might be slightly easier than Florida's, but the math might be a bit harder. FL and TX seemed pretty similar to each other, when compared to national test scores.)

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