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How do I compare AP test scores for all high schools in Fort Collins, CO?


Veronica65 January 18, 2009

And, how do I gather more info about the AP programs available? I've spoken to councelors and a couple of parents only, so far. I'm trying to help my son choose what is best for him. He is taking all honors classes at Kinard Core Knowledge Junior High in 9th grade at present. He has little homework, so I feel he may need more of a challenge.

I hope you have some good ideas for me to consider. Many thanks, Veronica

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healthy11 January 19, 2009

Hi. As far as AP test scores in a given city or at specific schools, you might want to contact the College Board, who administers the exams and probably has those records. Greatschools is a nationwide website, and the chance of finding another person from the same city, with a child of similar age and with similar educational concerns at a particular school is slim.
Given what you've said about your son, for general questions, I invite you to join Greatschools Gifted Parents Group at, and the High School Group at

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