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learnedwisdom May 29, 2008

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learnedwisdom 5 minutes ago
Re: Appropriate age for ACT and SAT Testing

It's all about the materials. A student who has potential to get national merit scholarships through their PSAT or PLAN scores is a prime candidate for Sat prep. I''ve been a high school teacher for 17 years and have seen all the reasons students fail. You don't need to hire expensive tutors or enroll your students in Sylvan Learning center (which to me is just parents paying out of guilt) I know of a program that is quite reasonable (164.00 for the entire course). The publisher offers a free trial of the software which is practically unheard of-once you buy software you're stuck with it. It also offers a written guarantee that if the students grades or scores on their Sat or ACT don't improve byat leastt 200 pts in the verbal section alone and 4 points for the ACT. The programs are fun too-not staid like the Kaplan or Princeton Review. They're all done in a video game style format, and there is place forat leastt 5 students tolog onn and track their progress. The math course alone has a built in tutorial (unlike those teacher edition manuals you can buy at the bookstore) Saves you money on hiring a tutor too-they're only as good as the materials they offer. The vocab program teaches the words needed to know for the test-that's the reason they can guarantee the point increases. and then there is a Progressive Reader Program which works for 3rd graders all the way through college. A lot of students have to retake the test because they just don't finish it in time. If they learned the skill of reading forinformationn instead of reading stuff like social studies and science like a book--they'll never get to answer the questions. It's worth trying it out-in the very least. The publisher sends out a free set of practice SAT and ACT so you can track their progress and know what they need to work on- before they take the test. there is no need to repeat the test over and over if you're prepared. It costs 45 dollars each time. they will also send you free grant and scholarship information-a valuable commodity in this day and age. I'd be glad to help you out if you're interested in knowing

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poonam July 10, 2008

I am interested! What is the name of this program.


dmorgan October 28, 2008

Thanks. What is the name of the program?


MOM248 February 5, 2009

Thanks. What is the name of the program?


msfphillips February 13, 2009

Very interested, what is the name of the software?


vikas2512singh February 26, 2009

I would like to recommend for online math tutoring.They are really good and effective and very affordable, if you are looking for tutoring your child in Math,grade 3-12,do check Their personalized approach is really amazing.I never thought any company provides such a personalized service.


elizao April 29, 2009

I am in interestd in kowing how to get my daughter started in this program.


elizao April 29, 2009

How do I get my daughter started?


rob6188 April 29, 2009

I work at an excellent private sat prep school, not one of the chain schools that advertise everywhere. Relatively expensive, $60/hour with 30hour minimum for small groups, and $200/hour for individual tutoring.

Here is what I found. Kids who are very motivated will do well on the SAT, or at least reach their full potential. Given quality material to study from, whether using the software mentioned above or one of the many excellent study guides at the book stores.

Some kids need a classroom setting to get them to study. At a quality sat school, where they are surrounded by other motivated kids and have excellent teachers in small groups of 3-5 kids. The best schools will have a different teacher for english and math. If they offer other subjects, like history, chemistry, calculus, etc.... then they will have a different teacher for each subject.

In general, if the kid is motivated and wants to do well on the sat, talk to them and discuss which method will work best for them. Books, software, classroom, or individual tutor?

I've seen too many unmotivated kids come to our excellent school and still do poorly. They're only there because their parents are basically forcing them.

So what motivates kids to do well? A goal. I'm not talking about getting perfect scores as a goal. For some, it's just not realistic and numbers are not very motivating. Their goal should be a short list of colleges. If they want to go to UVA or Georgetown, visit the website and look at their requirements. What's the average gpa and sat scores of admitted freshman? Check out the government's . Visit the school itself if you can, even before taking the sat. Once they have an idea of the scores they need, the classes they should be taking, and have had a chance to see, touch and feel their goal, they will become very motivated to study, get good grades, and do their best on the sat. Also check out to compare gpa vs. sat score and major vs. sat score.

Don't let the cost of the school discourage you. Financial aid, scholarships, loans, etc... make any school affordable, if not almost free. I've seen many full scholarships too prestigious schools (given need and academics).

If your kid is a sophomore or rising junior, start planning. Think about a major, then put their classes in school in line with that. Focus. Also, start building the groundwork with teachers and extracurricular activities, so they can get glowing recommendation letters and related achievements outside of school.

Sorry the post is so long, just got carried away. Hope that helps.


vikas2512singh April 29, 2009

This is in response to Elizao's comments. Getting started with is very simple.
The best part is that they offer 4 free sessions so that you can see if it is helping your son/daughter or not.
You may want to fill the enrollment form available at
The customer support executive will then get in touch with you soon to schedule an appointment with the Academic Director.

A must try for all those who are struggling in middle/high school maths..

Cheers !!


Lenubienne July 14, 2009

There are thousands of free seminars, sample classes and offered all over the country by Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions. The subjects vary from SAT vs. ACT- Which Test is Right For You, PSAT Test Strategies, to Personal Statement 101. They host free sample classes and even let you "Test Drive Your Tutor," which is a free 30 minute tutoring session in the subject area of your choice! You can find local workshops and sample classes in your area by visiting and searching "Free Events."

In addition, Kaplan Publishing offers tons of great interactive DVD/CD-ROM resources for students of all ages at very economical prices. Visit their online store at

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