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Americans Head North to Save on College Cash


DearBabs January 14, 2009

Oh Canada! Our friendly neighbor to the north. Besides maple syrup and hockey, Canada also boasts some top colleges that have been getting international acclaim for many years. But what makes studying in Canada any different than studying at a good school in the “States”?


Compared to tuition prices in America, tuition in Canada comes at bargain-basement prices. International-student rates are usually between $12-$15,000 CAD a year. At the current exchange rate, this is equivalent to only about $10,000-$12,500 USD a year. Compare that to in-state tuitions of around $8,000 in most states and out-of state tuitions of often upwards of $20,000. Not to mention private colleges like NYU, where tuition can go as high as $35,290. At almost a third of the cost, going abroad to Canada may be the most frugal college decision you can make.

Canadian schools are also competitive to American colleges in terms of quality. McGill University has been called the Harvard of Canada because of its legacy of producing international leaders, attracting prominent professors, and having a high placement of undergrads go on to graduate study. Did you know that University of Toronto has the most Nobel Prize winners of any college in Canada? Or that the Business School at Queens University was ranked number one for all non-U.S. MBA programs? Canadian schools are world-renowned for their

Another plus to studying in Canada is their application process. Canadian schools typically only look at your statistics, like your SAT scores and GPA, and don’t bother with essays or extracurriculars. This can be great if you’re the kind of student who does well on standardized tests. Also, considering their reputation, McGill and U of T have a very generous college acceptance rate. If you’re a good student, but don’t want to deal with the typical college application hoopla, a Canadian school may be the college for you

These are just a few of the considerations you need to take into account when choosing a school. Above all else, make sure you can see yourself at a school for four years. For some, the large campuses and distance from home might make studying in Canada unappealing. However, if you’re looking for a bargain with a stellar reputation, seriously consider adding one of the schools above to your college search. Who knows, you may even become a hockey fan.

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hockeymum January 14, 2009

But don't forget to factor in our over the top cost of living prices. A gallon of gas is going for about $4.00.
You will need a place to rent if you can't get a dorm. Rental rates expect $900 ++++ for a cruddy place 2 bedroom and over $1400+++ per month for a decent 2 bedroom. Everything from clothing to food costs more here...alot more. this is a good comparison of prices. International students pay 4X as much as regular students.

Macleans has a great ratings for Canadian Schools.


MagnetMom January 14, 2009

Thanks, hockey.

My son might like to visit over the summer but I suspect it would be a vacation, not a long-term stay :)

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