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Inappropriate kissing and touching on high school campuses


mclayborn May 13, 2008

I have a daughter in high school. Earlier this week she came home with a "passion mark" on her neck. She says she got this when she was kissing a boy at school. I had the shock of visiting her school at the beginning of the year around similar type behavior. I met with the school's dean (?) who also APPEARED surprised at the behavior that happened in the bathroom at the school. I even involved the school police. When I visited the school, I had to walk through the courtyard of the school to get to the dean's office. I could not believe what I was seeing. Children were hugged up, kissing, laying against each other on poles, and only God knows what else. Am I still living in the dark ages, or does anyone else feel like this is totally inappropriate sexual behavior. My daughter is a freshman and the main reason that I sent her to this school is because it was small. They also advertised strict supervison of students. I spoke with a friend who also has a daughter at this school (who ran away last week) I might add, after her mom called the school police to come to the school for the child's behavior, who the child told she was not going to ISS nor was she going home. She left the school right then with the school police telling the mom that she had to be gone for 24 hours before she could file a complaint. She left the school with a boyfriend from the school. During a previous conversation with this child, she informed the mother that they have a hall at school that is used for "hugging and kissing". My friend also informed me that this is not isolated to just this school. She had a son who graduated from another PB county high school last year. She says that the behavior she observed just by dropping the child off in the car loop in the morning was unimaginable. Oh, by the way, her daughter says if she chooses to have sex, she was told by "Teen Time" that she owns her body and its her decision what she does with it.  PARENTS!!!HAVE YOU ALL KNOWN ABOUT THIS AND NO ONE INFORMED ME!!! All of the structure,supervision and morals that I teach my child at home disappears when she goes to school? Is this a breading ground for sexual promiscuity for our young children? Any thoughts on how to proceed with curving this behavior? Parents, this is happening in high schools throughout this county, this appears to be the norm not the acception. Suggestions, please.

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odachimaster December 19, 2008

cisotto2012 so where do you suggest this hickey not be seen? Sort of just kidding. I am not saying it is right but that is pretty much the way it is depending on the administration of the school.


textmama15 December 20, 2008

That goes on in my high school right now


john815 January 15, 2009

this is the most obvious thing in high school right now. Hugging the everywhere. Kissing is made by the student' decision. The school cannot stop every single students that are kissing orr hugging. Your child has to realize for herself. Its not the school. Its the students in the high schools everywhere in the US


tobbyandlui January 16, 2009

Some schools are lacking of student supervision, kids are still outside when bell rings, students walking off the school grounds after parents dropped them off to school, unappropiate kissing and touching still in school grounds. Just exactly today when I went to dropped my teen to her school, there was a couple kissing and hugging infront of the school, I don't say it is bad to kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend, but I think that it is not appropiate while in school grounds.

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