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Mom and Dad fear middle school


Luv_BN_Mom June 5, 2008

My daughter will attend middle school in the fall and I am scared out of my wits.  I am not fond of the school in the district that she will be attending.  We are military and she should only be in this school for a year before we transfer back up north where I will feel at ease.  She isn't happy either.  She said the lockers are not allowed locks so they have to carry all the books all day or chance them being stolen.  Kids were fighting in the halls.  They have security cameras in the halls that they say is for our childrens protection.  But that even worries me, because if they feel the school is safe why go to such extremes?  I don't know.  Am I over thinking this?  Tell me what you think.

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melissaloper June 22, 2008

Hi! I'm new here but I just wanted to reply to this!! My son is starting middle school in the fall too. Only thing is he will not know anyone! We're moving in July to N.C. and school will start right after we move. I'm scared to death!!! Everytime I think about it I cry!! :( As far as Gulfport there a private school you can send her too?? My sister used to live there and her daughter went o the schools there. She hated them. Let me know what happens! Maybe we can help calm each other!!! I'm in tears right now!!! lol! :) Hope I helped some! Melissa


Luv_BN_Mom June 23, 2008

Welcome Melissa. I wouldn't fear him not knowing anyone. It's that way in middle school. The children come from broader zip codes so many children(even locals) will be in the same situation. It might even be a good conversation starter when others know he lived in another place before. Are you military? I just found out I am able to do an interdistrict transfer and send her to another school which is 3rd in the state. The principal is her old principal(when her elementary school was decent). So, this should put her at ease. We have to apply though. If I have to I will have her doctor write a letter(stress induces her ulcers....born with hiatal hernia). My friend and I are switching driving duties to get them there. I will have morning shift and she will have afternoon since I work. I am sure it will work out for both of us and 6 months from now forget we even worried...LOL


kskksk June 25, 2008

You might think about finding a charter school or alternative school that can guarantee a safer environment. I was faced with this and decided to home school until I found a better placement. It really helped our son to to go to the rough school.


SoCalGal June 25, 2008

I hear your fears!!! I was worried about some of the middle school choices that I faced as well but I was able to create other options within the public school district.

None of the middle schools or high schools in our area provide lockers -- instead the kids have a full set of books for home use, as well as access to classroom and library copies. It doesn't sound as if this is an option.

May I suggest the following rolling back pack: a Zuca bag. They aren't cheap but my daughter's teachers describe her's as a rolling locker.

The website is:


Luv_BN_Mom June 25, 2008

Hey Socal...u r right...don't have that option. Also for some reason rolling backpacks have been banned from the school system here. They go back and forth. One year you could only have see through plastic book bags. Which was really ironic when one student went through the whole day with a knife then played show and tell with it on the bus. Tomorrow I am going to the district office to try to get her changed to another school (which is wonderful). She has to be accepted, which shoudn't be a problem, with her stomach problems stress induces her ulcers. If that is the route I have to take the doctor will be more than willing to write a note on her behalf. Transitioning into middle school is hard enough. You shouldn't have the added stress of whether they will get a quality education and are safe.


TheRedFrog June 26, 2008

Do they have school personnel monitoring activity by video? Is there a delay in recording time to viewing time?

It may be that the school had problems that resulted in legal sanctions requiring safety measures be taken. I googled my school district's name along with the word "sued" and found they had lawsuits for the same issues.


wildfire July 1, 2008

You can home school your daughter until you have to move! That would be much better for you and your husband!


MsReynolds July 10, 2008

RUNNNNNN!!!! I am a prior military wife. I know exactly how you feel. If its only for a year, I would let my husband finish his 1 year tour and would take my daughter and move up North and he can join you and your daughter in a year. In the meantime, you guys could take turns visiting. It will be fine.


levilady July 10, 2008

All my middle school fears were founded, and after my son asked to be moved to a different school in 7th grade, I have never sent my other children to that middle school.

The year he transferred, the county assigned a police officer to the school, and large groups of students from other districts were bused which made things even worse.

Home school if you have to, but my experience says that the emotional damage from fear is long standing. I agree. If you can move now, work it. Your husband and you are adults and can live with the separation for your daughter's sake. My husband went on an alternate shift for 15 years to accommodate our children's needs--something we don't regret.

I found that things our parents worried about in High School have moved into middle school and in some cases elementary school. That is disheartening.


MsReynolds July 10, 2008

Both my kids are starting middle school. I'm not scared but I want them to be able to enjoy the experience of getting older and learning responsibility. I'm also now a single parent so this year will be a trying year for all of us. I have changed my work schedule to be able to be home earlier with them. This way I can help with homework, attend school activities etc. I'm kinda looking forward to it and trying to think positive. I'm hoping if I think positive and get them excited about it then they will do the same. I went to register them for school next year and they were both pretty excited when visited the school. Grinning from ear to ear. I told them they must stay focused and keep up the A's and B's in order to get invovled in the activities at school. I would still consider moving for that year that your husband is stationed there. A year will past before you know it.

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