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FCAT horror continues


mclayborn June 18, 2008

I don't know about anyone else, but the florida FCAT has held me hostage for the last 10 years. My child is going into 10th grade this year, and of course the FCAT is going with her once again. The good news is, if she passes it this year, we'll be home free. The bad news is, despite working at it over the last 10 years, she has gone up and down. She'll pass one part and fail the other, or fail both parts. Does anyone have any suggestions that they have experienced that really worked. We've tried books and writing. Getting her to read is like pulling teeth and I am trying hard not to totally turn her off from reading by waging a battle. ANY suggestions please?

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yvtcrry June 20, 2008

I have a friend who's daughter is going into twelfth grade, she's a straight A student and she can't pass that test. She has went to the school and the teacher there tells her to have her read everyday, and that's all the advice they give her. She is so upset i told her write your congress get this test out of the schools. This is why my kid's have gone to private school.


mclayborn June 20, 2008

I feel her pain yvtcrry. My daughter is the same. Even though she has been an honor roll student each year, this test is continuously making her feel bad. It is a shame that a honor roll student is unable to pass the test. Evidently these children must be grasping what they need to get honor roll, why is what they are being taught in class not on the test. There is a serious discrepancy there. My daughter has taken the intesive reading and math and still nothing. It is time to hold the schools responsible, especially when they cannot provide an ANSWER to the problem.


emyers November 20, 2008

Because I'm confused- If standardized testing tests on what my child
has learned in school but my child spends all her time studying for the
test to test her on what she has learned, then when does she have time
to learn the things that are going to be on the test? My child hasn't
figured this out has anyone else?


emyers November 20, 2008

Your child can try ACT testing instead of FCAT. She can also try for an FCAT waiver. Go to the "How not to take the FCAT test" group discussion for more info on this.

I am in the same situation My daughter is in 10 th grade and makes a 3.75 grade point average and she can't pass that math test. Partly because she didn't have half the things on the test yet. She founded her school newspaper and is editor- and -chief. She is in all honors classes, except math and gets a B average in that, not exactly a slouch. She tutors in math all summer and two times a week after school just so she can pass and still just missed it. She has dyslexia and math is difficult for her but I think she does fine in math considering she wants to be a writer and already has schools like Brown,Amhearst and Sarah Lawrence knocking at our door. If some of the top schools in the country think my daughter is worthy why should the State of Florida argue.


emyers October 16, 2009

I haven't posted in awhile but I would just like to bring a point home.

My daughter is now in 11th grade. Her tenth grade year was a horror. She did, I'm proud to say, pass her math FCAT (barely). She also got her first F ever in any subject ever! She had counciling, tutoring and afterschool help and it caused every other grade to suffer.

This year she is making straight A's ( including her math- she is taking her F math class over for grade forgivness and is making an A in it without tutoring)

She had all A's her freshman year until they began pushing the math fcat and her grades dropped to A, B, C. Basically if my daughter wouldn't have to study FCAT- she would be a straight A student. Her classes this year are all honors by the way.

I'm wondering if Florida thinks that children get a better education with lower grades but will pass FCAT.
Seems to me it would be a better idea to have A students and no FCAT.
I know the universities my daughter is applying to could care less about FCAT. It is all about the grades.
My daughter is applying to ivy league schools and the like and they do not care about anything but grades and extracirricular and I guess Florida wants their students to be state school kids with average grades.

Nothing wrong with state schools, unless you are trying for something else. Even state schools in other states don't look at FCAT. I guess all our children will qualify for is state Florida schools that look at FCAT. That kind of seems like a raquet to me?

Next semester it will be about science FCAT. I am not worried about my daughter passing. She has only taken 2 of the four units that will be on the test but she is good in science. Like the math test, I wonder how students are supposed to pass a subject they haven't had but they will be sidetracked from the classes that they need in order to cram for the FCAT and I'm sure some of my daughters grades will suffer for it. I am most definately sure that Florida relishes in producing average students. Way to improve our schools Tallahassee!


topsmom October 16, 2009

I posted this reply to another parent concerned about FCAT - but it applies here also:

It is so sad when a student has earned all the credits required for graduation and then is denied a diploma based on an exit exam. I think it is totally unfair -- if they did the work, earned the credits, they should get the diploma!

I will be right up front with you -- I am director of an accredited private school which has opened a dept to work with students in this "failed exit exam" situation. So, if your child is caught in the exit exam horror, there is a way out without further testing.

Please visit our websites: and

Let me emphasize - this school is not a diploma mill. If your child did not do the work, he/she will NOT get a diploma from us!

We will be glad to speak personally with you to answer any questions and give you references. (toll-free phone number on website.)

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