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Your Teen is Pregnant! What Would You Do. Who Will Make the Final Decision.


1seremen September 23, 2008

Relax, it will never happen to your teen! This is an educational web site for parents. Share what you think.

Would you make the same or similar decision for 13-14 and 16-19 years old.  Would you support your child  with his or her choice.  Who would you seek help or counsel from.  As a parent or guidance, what are the  things you would tell your teen after he or she has made a decision. Or how would you help your child. 

 Do you want to share your personal experience(s).  I hope this discussion helps many people.

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laura1967 September 23, 2008

WOW!! This happens all the time, and mainly to people who say , my child would never. For, me i am PRO-LIFE. I would stand by my daughter, i would not send her a way to a un-wed mother home, she is not the first girl to come up pregnant and she wouldn't be the last. If she was 16-19, I would tell her marriage, is not the answer unless they have been together for years (2 wrongs don't make a right). I would help her finish school, night-school...G.E.D. I would like for her to keep the baby, it is family, my grand-baby.....I would make it clear this is her baby, you are to take care of it.....if she were 13-14, "that's a big one", but it is still my grand-baby, and i feel at that young, a major decision, like adopt-tion or otherwise....might be one she would live to regret....But i would always be there for her.....THIS IS GOOD FOOD FOR THOUGHT....


odachimaster September 23, 2008

if she is 13 or 14 I lean strongly for a abortion but only after professional advice on both sides of the issue and both types of doctors medical and Psychologist and after knowing what they have to say about her physical change and mental change can one even start to make a decision.
16-19 go through the same steps as 13-14 age group and then support whatever decision she makes


laura1967 October 2, 2008

1seremen, i know you are a friend of mind but i also like ...NOT MY CHILD SYNDROME, all touchy subjects, i am staying here also....


missyz October 3, 2008

I was pregnant at nineteen with my first son. I know what a teen will go is tough to tell your parents. I won't forget having to tell my single-parent Mom, the news! She was devastated, but supportive.
I definitely would support my sons and daughter if this issue would arise. My son may not have been planned and did change and delay the goals that I had set for myself, and what my mother did expect of me, but my son was the best thing that had ever happened BESIDES MY OTHER CHILDREN! (18 yr old now) He was/is a blessing to me, of course. Combined with the love and support of my mom and my sister's,my son knew he was loved and that is #1 to me!!! (His father bailed on me when I was six months pregnant and is not involved in my son's life to this day.)
I guess to answer your question on this issue...I would show compassion, and love the baby, as my mother did her first grandson...(by the way, he is her most spoiled one too...she favors him, as we do call her "his" second mom....she did play a huge part in his growing up, as we did live with her for his first nine years of his life, as she wanted.(By the way...I could have lived elsewhere, but for my mom and son, moving my son away from his grandma would not have been a good thing for him or her or me. He grew used to seeing our living situation as his family,and even this had became an issue when I chose to marry, but it had longggg been resolved. Another Still today,he confides in her about his work, schooling, and things he does with me, on a daily basis. He sees her daily or calls her. They are very close and had she not been as supportive of a parent, that I did need, I am not sure how his life would have turned out, or mine or hers, for that matter!! To look at him today....she has herself to thank, as I do for what she helped him to accomplish!!!
He's a great young man, and she is proud to prove it to anyone!!!!


donnalynn October 6, 2008

I would be scared, worried, upset, and angry.It is something that i think about all the time. I talk to my daughter very often about sex and getting pregnant. I almost want to go ahead and put her on birth control. There is to much peer pressure out there. I trust her, but she can be easily persuaded i'm afraid.


1seremen October 7, 2008

What your are doing is great. Do you think of adding all form of birth control as part of your discussion with your daughter?

I think birth control discussion with a child brings different sentiment for many parents, but prevention helps a little.
Remember as always to do what is best for your child and family.

Thanks for sharing!


laura1967 October 7, 2008

I do not have a daughter, however, i wish i did,I think i understand the last two post ....some people are afraid to put their girls on birth-control because it is like saying ,....hey, go ahead....or if you change your mind you have protection.....I know for RIGHT son and his friends are into the "Jonas Brothers", and They all wear "PURITY RINGS", my son and i have had several talks about sex....when he told me he had been thinking about a ring.....I told him, that it was just a symbol, and it did not mean anything, unless, you were going to stand, by it. WE will talk about it again, before i buy him one....


Child_Of_Ra October 7, 2008

I wouldn't allow my child to keep the baby and I wouldn't raise it. As for the other two options on the table, adoption vs abortion, I'd have to weigh out all the pros and cons and there would be a discussion about how things would progress. And yes, since I'm pro-choice, abortion is an option.

However, my daughter will not get pregnant until she's older and ready and able to raise a child. I was 24 before I got pregnant the first time (and that was with her and not accidental). She will be on birth control and she will use "safer-sex" practices because I will have ingrained them well into her brain - I've already begun the process.


odachimaster October 7, 2008

adding to the birth control: To some young ladies this helps medically; not just as a way to help the possible results of sexual encounters.


Child_Of_Ra October 7, 2008

Odachimaster is 100% correct. It can help regulate and lighten the irregular and very heavy monthly cycles amongst other things like help with acne problems and more. There is a lot to say about putting teens on the pill besides just for birth control.

While we're on the topic of birth control however, I feel I need to stress to every parent here that this only helps prevent pregnancy, not STDs. It is our responsibility as good parents that we must educate our children, both girls and boys alike, about practicing safer sex, whether we like it or not, because what it comes down to is their health and welfare, their well being. So the sometimes uncomfortable conversation that takes place after we fully educate ourselves about the difference between safe sex and safer sex practices and what those practices are will make a difference and at least we will have done our part in helping to keep our kids safe from STDs (and pregnancy).

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