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How Many Out of State Students Should a State School Admit?


MagnetMom January 10, 2009

One of the budget balancing methods that the University of California system is considering is admitting more out-of-state students.  Currently, out-of-state students pay $20,000 more per year than California residents, with the system pocketing a $10,000 profit each year on each student.

When I first read the article, I was a little put-off, since this would affect local kids who already require over 4.0 GPAs to get admitted to the more prestigious schools.  Yet when I read further, I realized how few out of state students attend UCs.  

While it's a bad precedent to have schools balance their budgets on the backs of some students at the expense of others, my question is, how many out-of-state students would you expect at a state university?  Isn't part of a university experience mingling with people from other areas?  Or should state schools focus on locals only?

The article appears here:,0,2413423.story


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