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Rent Textbooks to Save Money?


MagnetMom January 14, 2009

I know of some universities that already rent textbooks to students for less than buying them--including San Diego State University (  There it's a 50% savings. 

Along comes a company offering a rental approach nationwide.  Read about it here:

I can see it as a possibility for general ed or elective courses, but for classes in the major, I can't imagine it.  Would the savings be enough for you to consider?

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healthy11 January 14, 2009

As you said, for non-major courses, it would be a serious consideration. The idea seems akin to e-books, where access "expires" after a year. (I wouldn't want e-books for major courses, either.)


MagnetMom January 14, 2009

I went ahead and looked up some of their prices, and they even sell books, both new and used. The downside is they do automatically charge for shipping, but the upside is with used books, they had some clearly cheaper than Amazon and Borders, so it'll be another consideration in future semesters--even for purchase rather than rental.

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