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Dual Enrollment and Homeschooling


KarenTC April 23, 2009

Our son is quickly approaching the time for dual enrollment. Our problem is that the state law is saying that he must be enrolled in a school to get dual enrollment. Local schools are saying they don't allow part time students. On some sites, I have noticed that people have enrolled their child in a school, but all classes were taken at a college. Dual enrollment program pays for classes from a foundation....

He's ready to get out and meet other computer gurus (outgrown the classes and field trips of our group ) and go to college classes (probably community college first).

What can we do? How can we manage this? We pay our taxes each year so we help educate other children, what about helping ours? He's approaching the age and I want to get as much of his freshman year accomplished as we can.



KarenTC (Michigan)

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