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How important are graduation rates to you when choosing a high school?

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cultureclub September 10, 2010

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I think graduation rate is important but like MagnetMom said I would also want to know what colleges the graduates were going to. It's not the only thing I'd consider but it's definitely on the list.


MagnetMom September 9, 2010

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Conversely, I'd want to know what colleges the students went to, but never actually worried about the graduation rate since graduation from HS would be a given in my house.

If they graduate 99% but send them all to community college, I'd pass.

So, I wouldn't even think to ask about the graduation rate, but then maybe I'm assuming that's not an issue with the schools I considered for my son, and will eventually consider for my daughter.


LeslieCrawford September 9, 2010

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Very! If you're trying to find a high school that sends a large percentage of its kids to college, then you wouldn't consider one that has a low graduation rate.

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