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Can my daughter switch from her current public school to another public school in our district without us moving?


KMCheyenne96 October 8, 2010

We live in the Boone County school district in Kentucky. My daughter currently attends Conner High school. She doesn't like it there very much and its not neccesarily the best school. But there is another school in our distict that she would love to go to which would be Larry A. Ryle High school. When I compare the schools I can tell that Ryle has better scoring in all areas then Conner and also is a nicer and newer school too. So its seems like it would be a good switch. But due to the expense and work of moving I don't want to have to move into the Ryle district for her to go there. Is there a way for her to switch there without us moving? I heard you can write into the Board of Education and explain why you should be allowed to switch schools but I don't believe that she would qualify for that cause those ways are normally used in more extreme situations. I did see when I was on this website by law that: Boone County School District
Know your school choice options in Kentucky.
In Kentucky your child can attend any school in the district (called intradistrict choice) or outside the district (interdistrict choice).

Under the federal No Child Left Behind law, students attending a Title I school designated as â??in need of improvementâ?? have the right to attend a higher performing school in the district.

But I do not knw if Conner is a Title 1 School and not sure how to find out. Also I have heard of being able to pay to go to public schools that are in your district without them being indpendent schools. Does anyone know of a way for my daughter to switch? Thank you!

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