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what is the length of time allowed for time added in most accommadations for "extended time" .


olfashdeb May 9, 2008

My son's headmaster wants to limit the time to 1 half an hour beyond the class time after school.

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michellea May 9, 2008

In most cases, I have not seen a limit. In the few cases where limits are imposed, it is double time or 1.5 time.

What reason does the school give for a time limit?


healthy11 May 9, 2008

Time-and-a-half seems most common... Even the College Board (who administers the SAT) uses that guideline for their ordinary testing accommodations. (For example, if my son was in a class that would normally have 50 minutes to complete a test, he'd be allowed up to 75 minutes.) Teachers are generally not paid to stay indefinitely long after school...


Diane2teen February 11, 2009

Tottaly agree with healthy11.

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