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Clover Hill High School?


HelloKitty111 July 4, 2011

Hi! I'm moving to Midlothian tomorrow, and I just wanted to look at the schools. I'm 15 ywars of age, and I will be in 10th grade this year. I want to make sure I go to a school that I will get a good education AS WELL AS be surrounded by an active, fun community. I want to be around people I can relate to, not a bunch of stuck up rich children. Not to sound like a typical teenager or anything, I just want to be able to enjoy my time at school. Is this a good place? Thank you! ^^

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MagnetMom July 4, 2011

You might want to try the Richmond community for families in your area.

And you can always read the parent reviews here:

Good luck with your move!

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