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Best high schools around Atlanta area


asylum88 January 24, 2012

Hi, me and my wife are thinking about moving to Atlanta in a few years - when looking for home options we will consider the school options for our little daughter - anyone can tell me which are the best schools (regardless of private or public) around Atlanta area? We want to give our daughter best chance to get into ivy league colleges...thanks

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MagnetMom January 24, 2012

Hi asylum88,

You've come to the right place to start your research.

Type in your zip and narrow down your search. Read parent reviews. Compare test scores. And read articles on the differences between public and private.

Just be warned: a lot can change in a school community in a few years. While you can probably predict with accuracy which schools will work for elementary school, by the time you'll be looking at middle and high schools entire "generations" of the schools will pass through. Principals retire and teachers move on. So go in with an open mind, but know you might have to change plans midstream.

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