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my son


marlon32133 February 28, 2012

Moving my son and daughter. From belize c.a....where in the spring area can I find the best school for my kids...a ninth grader...n a fifth grader

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MagnetMom February 29, 2012

Hi marion32133,

It's not clear where you're going to be moving, so here's a great place to start:

Type in the zip code of where you're moving. Read the parent reviews, compare the school ratings, and read some of the articles to help you choose the right school. You will be able to narrow down the schools you tour and make a final decision.

Good luck!


marlon32133 February 28, 2012

They come from a diverse culture ...I really love for them to be somewhere that has great reputation ..n that they would fit in without any problems pls!

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