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jayanthisrini April 8, 2012

I am planning to move from NJ this summer to Houston, my daughter will be going to 11th grade, can anybody suggest which apartment/town house is good near
memorial high school and also near The
woodlands high school, Thanks...Jai

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MagnetMom April 9, 2012

Hi jayanthisrini,

A couple of ideas. First call the schools themselves. They probably can tell you right off the bat which complexes are in their boundaries.

In addition, talk to a real estate person. While they traditionally deal with property sales, they also know about the apartment complexes (both good and bad) and other amenities that make neighborhoods desirable or not so desirable.

Good luck!


laloehr April 16, 2012

Welcome to the area!

Here's the link to the feeder zones for the schools - note that there are *two* high schools in The Woodlands. Agree with above rely and would make sure to speak to the registrar of each high school and ask specifically about possible rezoning - with projected area growth, it's under consideration now and imminently affecting us in the lower grades and could do the same for the high schools.


tgrant1981 April 17, 2012
It lets you put in a city and see schools nearby. Then you can select to find apartments near that school.

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