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I heard Mesa High is planning to take children with an IEP and put them into general population classes without informing the...


Luddington1 April 9, 2012

Anyone know anything about Mesa High taking kids with IEPs and placing them in general classes without telling the parents. School Board is meeting on this tomorrow night. Program is called "Inclusion Program". Does anyone know about this??

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MagnetMom April 10, 2012

Hi luddington1,

Greatschools is a nationwide community, so most of us won't even know where Mesa High School is.

If you have concerns about a program and its implementation, the first place to start is at the school, and if you can attend the school board meeting, even better. You'll be able to provide input during public comment.

Good luck.


Mudpies April 23, 2012

Hello .. I have a high schooler who is on the autsim spectrum and has an IEP.. He has been mainstreamed in every school (we are a military family) we have gone to and it is very beneficial to him. Here at his current high school they have something called in class support.. It is a general education class that has a certified special education teacher in each of his classes, so the teachers co teach but there is that extra hand, mind, and heart to help the special needs children be part of the mainstream.
I don't know about the "not telling the parents". I think they will have to notify the parents of the change before it happens.. It will probably happen the beginning of next school year. Nothing will be said until the plan is set and the details are worked out.. Mainstreaming when done correctly and with the right teachers, who love to teach and not just work for a paycheck...usually is a great expereience and benefit to the child with special needs. Good Luck and blessings to you..


RobertHPike April 23, 2012

The pros of IEP and handicapped integration; Normal kids not only "see" those with disabilities, they get to see their struggle...and in some cases are called on to help them. That's what integration is about....getting your fellow man to assist you, rather than isolate the handicapped, and keep them forever isolated. That means mental growth for them, and spiritual growth for those who help them, or at least empathize with their struggle.

The cons of handicapped integration is the pace of instruction is slowed. Not being able to cover all items in the curriculum means a shallower level of knowledge and understanding.

Having said that; the best teachers know how to override the challenges of integration.

The key is parental involvement. Volunteer. STAY IN TOUCH with your child's teacher. Email them. Call them. Offer to sign your child's work on a daily basis. Offer to tutor, or arrange a retired relative to give them something to do. Then you keep your childs' teacher as well as your child on task.

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