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German family moving to Austin


CeNedra April 19, 2012


we'll be moving to Austin in July from Germany (we are flexible as to where we will be moving so that any school would be possible at the moment). I'm looking for a great High School (public or charter), that also offers German either as a Club or preferrably as a "regular" class to make it a little easier on my daughters, who never lived in the US. Which High School would you recommend? One will be attending 9th grade, the other one 12th grade. It would be best, if they would go to the same school.

Thanks so much!

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TeacherParent May 1, 2012

There are Waldorf schools in at least several cities in the U.S. and all of them offer German but Waldorf schools are not inexpensive. There is a German language speaking community in my area and several high schools near here offer German. You might check out the Great Valley School District outside Philadelphia - most parents are pleased with the school and it does offer German.
Good luck with your search.


moonburn April 22, 2012

There is also a Waldorf School in Austin that is very good. It is K thru 12th and they teach German all the way thru the grades. It is a German Philsphosy based on Rudoph Steiner. I highly recommend this school.


MagnetMom April 19, 2012

Hi CeNedra,

I've found one school already, LASA, but it appears that Austin has numerous Global studies and IB programs that would likely have German clubs or language programs.

Here's the school district website: and you can call them and get specifics. You might also want to find out where the nearest German consolate is and ask what they know.

Good luck!

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