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mrsladybugus April 26, 2012

My daughter gets good grades but when it comes to taking the CHASEE she can not pass. CHASEE she has problems. She has taken the CASEE 5 times and she still can not pass she comes very close to passing. And she needs to pass to graduation. I even got her a tutor need help any suggestions. Thanks

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MagnetMom April 27, 2012

Hi mrsladybugus,

Your daughter is not alone. Since the California High School Exit Exam was implemented there have been students with good grades who have difficulty with one or both components of the test.

You should speak with her counselor immediately and find out where she is struggling. Many schools offer afterschool or Saturday school to help kids pass it. Find out also, how many more opportunities she will have to take the test.

For more information on the test, read here:


mrsladybugus May 1, 2012

Thank you for your response MagnetMom


jessiscott May 13, 2012

She isn't alone. My college students constantly tell me they weren't prepared for college and that they don't understand how grades are derived.

Is it the written CAHSEE? If so, she needs to focus on answering the prompt exactly and give clear examples to back up her point. I have two friends who grade the written exams, and they say that students regularly go off-topic and don't use specific examples. One recommended the following site for a girl I tutored:

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