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pip337 May 4, 2012

My son is moving to Linden, Tn in July. He has ADHD and I am worried about well he will do at Perry county High School. The reviews I have read are not good and the stats are indicitive of the reviews

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MagnetMom May 5, 2012

Contact the school and ask to take a tour. Speak with the special education coordinator and ask what modifications will be available for your son. If you don't like what you hear, contact the district and see what other schools might be available to him.

Good luck.


kf48083 May 8, 2012

You could consider online/home schooling. Is there another school district nearby that is better? Check out It appears to be a support group in the TN area. Ask for tips to secure the best education for your son. Sometimes a concerned parent who meets with the school to ask questions in a cooperative manner can help steer the child's education. For instance, I have a sensitive child, who falls apart if the teacher yells. I also have a child who faces math challenges. I request a good math teacher. Good luck.

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