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What can a parent do about a child's facebook or myspace to get it deleted?


Momof3inTulsa August 12, 2008

I caught my daughter lying about her age with a myspace page and did my best to "shut her down" by standing over her and making her delete her profile, etc, but I know she has a facebook now, too. I completely disapprove of the photo she is using and I can't access her profile to see what else she has on there because it's "private" and I have to be invited in. Anyone else deal with this?

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bhurst65 April 29, 2009

I have two younger girls; 12 and 15. My 15yr old started her website at 14, saying she was 16. Now my 12yr old is lying saying she is 15. We monitored their website with Web-Watcher as well. We had to, since they felt that they needed to lie. We have made it known from the beginning, that if they are old enough by the standards of the "websites guidelines" they could have an account, but must be private and then they knew that we can and will monitor at any time. If they were caught abusing the website, they would have consequences lose the "privilege" of the computer for a specific time period. It is hard when there is so many opportunities for them to open up a new account or use someone else's computer. Also any Internet access on cell phones is prime opportunity. It helped me and their stepfather know what is really going on and I have found some very disturbing pics from my 15yr boyfriend. We confronted that "immediately", but it is difficult to monitor computer sites & usage when my girls are with their biological father, where they have "NO" boundaries or guidelines. I have talked to counselors (school & professional), teachers, other parents, and doing the Web-Watcher is a parent's right to know what their child is doing, to keep them safe, to let them know there are boundaries and rules in this world and no better place to start, then at home.


JrHighMom April 30, 2009

While I am definitely in alignment with, and subsequently pro Web Watcher software programs, as it appears most parents seem to be, I also like the open dialogue, mutual respect and trust that 'yogalover456' brings across in its parent/child relationship. While I believe that those parent/child conversations are critical regardless of one's choice to either use or not use such software, if you do use the software, in my opinion, based on a myriad of factors, it would be the only responsible parental conclusion to arise at, so long as it is economically feasible to purchase it, of course. This has nothing to do with good kid/bad kid, good parent/bad parent, not trusting, wanting to spy, privacy issues, whatever one chooses to label it. It's about parentally (or one's guardian) finding the best way to protect their child from potential internet dangers that may either walk right up to their child without the child's knowledge, via computer initially and potentially real life as the next step, or by the child's own acts either knowingly or by unknowingly eliciting danger in which the wrong person sees an opening to start preying on. It is our obligation to keep them safe. Internet safety is new territory for all of us and unfortunately, the dangerous people seem to be able to navigate and hide in it pretty well. For those of you still having a hard time swallowing this, think of these safety programs as life-vests for our children. When they were younger and couldn't swim well, most of us had a life-vest on standby so they were always protected until they could make it on their own. The same applies here. Right now they're having fun, testing the waters and playing around. They'll learn and hear about the dangers of the internet, to their satisfaction, soon enough as they get older; we just don't want it to be first hand experience. I think that's something we can all agree on. ~ Best Regards


Cinthiamom April 30, 2009

I think the social networking sites CAN be good for teens and even pre-teen kids. Most of their friends are probably using these sites, so they want to be on them too. Kids can meet other kids that they did not know before. Even kids that go to their own gives them a chance to branch out a little. The drawback is that when parents do not monitor their kids' activities. Kids can easily be drawn out of the social networks into real life danger. It should always be the parent's decision to allow or not allow social networking. If you choose to allow them to join a social network, you better take the responsibility to monitor your children's activities. I keep the computer in a public area of the house to monitor kids' on-line activity. Also I use internet filtering software Ez Internet Timer to block Internet browsers, e-mails, messengers in cases when I out. I think it's also important to add that I know of at least two of my fifteen year old.


Thatguy May 1, 2009

Im 15. I have my own laptop in my room with no parental controls on, and my parents know none of my passwords. Its not that my parents dont care, its just that they trust me. Most teens like me will understand that there are paedophiles and dangerous stuff on the internet, so try and let loose a little. And as for websites, well they can see for themselves what is bad. Obviously if your child is young then you will want to protect them, but as they become teens, you should trust them more. And some of the comments ive read isnt just about protecting them, its just plain spying! I just thought i'd show what i think.

And p.s i have 2 myspace and facebook accounts and have done for 3 years.


Child_Of_Ra May 2, 2009


We originally found PC Pandora because my 9 year old daughter (now 11) was using her once trusted kid sites at my mother's house when suddenly adult-oriented pop-ups would come on to the screen.

Once the adult sites came up, she got curious and started surfing it. I can't blame her. She hadn't seen that type of explicit material before. I probably would have done it too had it have been me in her shoes. But once she started doing that, all sorts of viruses and spyware and other pop-ups began hitting my mother's computer. And I don't blush when it comes to any type of adult material, but when I saw what was coming up and what my daughter had been looking at? I was horrified that she had seen it. They weren't just adults doing your regular run of the mill adult things. They were major underground sites for people who are into very specific things.

It just so happened that I was there to pick her up after her weekend trip (during which this had transpired) and my mother said to me what she had seen. So I went into the history and found all of it. I think I died that day.

I immediately researched and ordered the PC Pandora download for my mom's computer as well as a hard copy with 2 more licenses for my home computers, and we've seen exactly where this stuff happens. It's bad. In the most trusted sites you can think of that most of you probably let your child use unattended, Disney, Barbie, Webkinz, and even learning sites, adults will go there and prey on kids. If it has chat - be wary and stay aware.

You can talk to your kids all you want, but if they think it's another kid talking to them with a cutsie little avatar, they're going to talk back.

With the software we purchased we can see who she's emailing, we can see when she changes her passwords, we can see what comes up in chat conversations, and we can block any site we want. Plus the software itself is constantly blocking more sites as it learns of new threats. It upgrades itself and so it knows most of the threatening sites out there. Some do get through, and those you do have to manually enter. But I have to say, we have had absolutely no problems of this nature since we installed this.

When she's MUCH older and proves that she's responsible, then she can probably have whatever the networking site is that kids will use, whether it's Facebook or something else. But at 11 or 13 or even 15? No way.


Cinthiamom May 3, 2009

Of cause, Ez Internet Timer helps me to control my kids Internet activity and parental controls are an important part of Internet safety that all parents should consider for their children...But I think that it's very important to have a healthy relationship with your children, spend more time with them while they're online and educate them about Internet safety. It will go much further in keeping your child safe online and prevent from different cases.

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