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Graduating High School Student banned from attenting Graduation Ceremony with class - What would you do?


gocvaparent May 21, 2012

My son attends a Ski Academy in Maine and the Administration has banned him from attending the High School Graduation Ceremony with his class. I believe this is administrative bulling - What would you do?

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TSThompson May 21, 2012

You didn't state a reason why he is banned from the ceremony. If he broke the rules, the best lesson for him would be for you to stand by the administration and their decision. He will learn that there are consequences to his actions before going out into the real world and learning the hard way.


MagnetMom May 21, 2012

Hi gocvaparent,

It's really hard to say whether it's bullying based on what you have told us. Most schools have very clear policies when it comes to graduation--both what students must do and what they must not do in order to participate in graduation and other year-end events.

If you have concerns about your specific case, ask to meet with the principal, and if that doesn't resolve your concerns, then ask to speak with the superintendent of schools.

Good luck.


jimelias May 24, 2012

I'm at attorney in OK and I am dealing with this very issue. The other posters are correct, it really depends on the reason. Graduation ceremonies are viewed under the law as a privilege, not a right. If your case is like mine where you have a honor student with no discipline record being punished for an incident occurring after school and off of school property, you might have a shot. If that's the case, post a reply and I'll share some of my work.

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