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evaluation for a new student


Suzanne4 June 29, 2012

I am considering moving back to mass with my daughter who would be entering the 9th grade, She has been educated abroad and English is her second language.
How would the school system evaluate her? Are there special exams that she would need to take? In my opinion some adjustment in English may be needed but I am confident that that her math, science and history skills are very good.
I would appreciate as much information as possible on ESL student enrollment. Thank you

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Chickenchaser July 8, 2012

Nothing like stepping on eggshells, but here is a humble (?) opinion. Just from what you have told us, I say, 'don't say a word'. Look, when I speak to Hispanic kids, especially like I did at commencement this year, I remind them that they have an advantage. I make it a point to tell kids in lower grades too. With a rye smile on my face I sometimes say, 'I hate you', and when they recover seeing the smile still on my face, I go so far as to ask this question. 'If you owned an international company and two people applied for a job with one being bi-lingual and the other not, who would you hire'? I rest my case. All four of our sons are bilingual and great musicians.
Suzanne, you have a gold mind flitting around your home. Count your blessings especially if she is also gifted with some art talent too. WASP


Lillandbill July 16, 2012

Right. Say nothing in the beginning. If English is a problem here teachers will pick up on it in comprehension and recommend ESL services. You only need a test if you want her in Honors level courses. In which case she would need a test anyway.

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