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Why are so many parents so crazy about their kids' relationships?


Freakette July 1, 2012

If you're a good parent, then you shouldn't have much to worry about. Just remind your kids that they should ALWAYS use protection and shouldn't let themselves be pressured into something. Just talk to your kids and LISTEN to them, don't go solely off of what you hear from other parents or the news or whatever else. I hear so many parents being aghast that other parents leave their kid to be in their room with their significant other alone. Realize that every kid is different, not every teenager is out to hump and dump.

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MagnetMom July 2, 2012

Great perspective, Freakette.

And conversely, teens need to remember that parents are the ones who all know friends who became families because protection failed, or wasn't used properly. And some of us experiences those 'failures' and have gone on to have happy, healthy lives. Unfortunately, we also know many that have had to struggle with the difficulties of putting a child up for adoption, struggle with single parenting, and even simply struggle through very traumatic break ups simply because relationships get much more complicated when anyone (not just teens) introduce the physical side to them.

Sometimes, parents just want things a little better, a little smoother for their teens than they had it growing up.

Communication is always a two-way street, but some things are viewed better over time.

I'm a 'door is not closed when you're in my house.' And my engaged son doesn't sleep in his room with his fiancee. And they understand that. They may not like it, but I also have an 11 year old, and frankly it's my house. Do I assume that they've been intimate? Of course. Do they need to respect the rules in my house? Yes. And? When they get married, and have kids, the beautiful thing is they can parent their kids any way they see fit.

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