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sudduthman July 15, 2012

Why are parent so crazy about their kids relationships? Big Question!
Lots of answers I guess. None you want to hear. So you think, who is this Guy. I'm an old guy. So why should we listen to you? Because I have been be fore you but NOW is different! How! When I when to High School in 69,70,&71 you could get a second chance! Not today. It' a one mistake world! The truth is your Parents are scared to death! They have thousands of dreams for you! Pregenant is not one of them!

A Great man once said on OPRAH, "WHAT your mind Concieves, and your heart believes, you can achieve. It's all up to you. They are just used to helping you take steps along the ways.

Sorry about the spelling, smart ass kids, Old Man, Just a thought

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