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Moving to the area


FromASmallTown July 22, 2012

We are moving to the area and I just want to feel comfortable. Let me give some background. We are moving from a very small, country-style environment. Although I was born and raised in the city, my son has not. Kind of concerned with the culture shock and I guess need some encouragement for myself

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AnisaMagana July 22, 2012

hey my name is Anisa. I currently am attending Nueva Vista High School. Ill be a senior this year. I also am from a small town in Wisconsin. Honestly its not as bad as long as he dont hang around the wrong crowd. He will be just fine (:


thisisbananas July 22, 2012

What area are you moving to..? We are in the same situation with our recent move. I can relate to the fact you need encouragement for yourself . Me Too !!!


MagnetMom July 23, 2012

Hi FromASmallTown,

Get your son involved in group activities: scouts, Y guides, church groups, sports, or arts--whatever his interests are. They'll be built in friendships, and will make the big school and big city seem a whole lot smaller.

Also make sure he can stay connected with his friends from where you came from.

Good luck!


Ortrun August 12, 2012

Hi From a Small Town, the best thing to do for your son is to not be stressed yourself and to not show stress; be excited and tell him all the great things you experienced as a child and all the great things he'll get to do. go to carnivals, festivals, fairs, go to concerts, shows, plays, join the local libraries and museums for youth activities. help him stay connected with his roots; go to farms, farmers markets, orchards, dairy farms, and gardens.

HAVE FUN! big cities have lots of learning and growing opportunities and chances to meet people and make friends : )


oniaguer August 13, 2012

I always found volunteering made me feel better. Animal shelters, food banks, senior centers, etc. can use your help. Trust your son to make the right choices in choosing new friends but sports and church groups are always great places to meet new friends.

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